Economic Development

Learn Electronics Through Arcade Game Repair

Are you looking for an exciting new career as an electrician?

​POTIONS & PIXELS, in conjunction with our community partners, is excited to launch a new workforce development program!​

This program introduces students to the fundamentals of electronics through fun, hands-on work with arcade game machines. The program does not require any prior knowledge of electronics. Through the course of the program, students will learn everything from using a digital multimeter to soldering, while working in small groups to repair arcade game machines. The skills taught will be transferable to all forms of electrical work.

​DPR Construction will be offering electrician jobs to qualified participants in the program.

This program is geared toward those who are unemployed, underemployed or looking for a career change.

There are only 20 seats available. We will be accepting applications throughout August, but once we have 20 qualified applicants, we will close the application process, so please apply early!

Use the online form to apply!

Community Partners

  • DPR Construction
  • Abari Game Bar
  • SetPlay
  • The Park Community Development Corporation
  • North End Community Coalition
  • Habitat for Humanity Charlotte
  • City of Charlotte North End Smart District