Health and Wellness

Cooking Matters Programs

Pop Up Event

Four stations representing key areas of the grocery store: dairy, produce, whole grains, and proteins, as well as a registration station.

At each station, we use props to highlight key nutrition points, and we offer money saving shopping tips, as well as taste tests and healthy recipes. 

Popup Store Tour

We bring the grocery store to your location. We use props to simulate a grocery store, and we focus on detailed nutrition information – such as understanding how to read food labels, and more detailed shopping strategies – such as how to comparison shop using unit cost versus retail cost.

We offer taste tests and healthy recipes, and in these events, we can include a cooking demo. 

This program is intended to allow for lots of discussion and interaction between the facilitators and the participants and can be tailored to group needs. 

Store Tour

This program takes place inside the grocery store itself. We cover detailed information about key nutrition points, including how to read the food labels and how to use unit prices to find the best values. Stops include fresh produce, dairy, meat counter, breads, and cereal aisle.

Participants move as a group through the store, stopping at each major section to discuss nutrition and shopping strategies. This is a great way to get familiar with the grocery store layout, to understand why shopping the “outside ring” is important, and to understand where your grocer displays the produce that is in season.

At the end of the tour, participants can do a $10 challenge to apply what they have learned. They will get a $10 gift card to purchase healthy items from each of the nutritional areas to take home. 

Hands-on Cooking Classes

This program is a 6-week, hands-on cooking class. The classes cover all the nutritional and shopping information that the other programs offer, but this one includes an instructor-facilitated cooking class where participants prepare and share a family-style meal together. 

In additional to the nutritional and shopping information, topics include knife and food safety skills, food prep and clean up tips.

The class can be tailored to cooking for different aged kids and different cuisines and customs. 

At the end of each class, participants receive a bag of groceries to take home to practice making the recipes they made in class.