About The Park Community Development Corporation

The Park CDC is an ambitious non-profit organization that creates upward mobility and sustainable economic outcomes through our prime impact domains of Economic Development, Health and Wellness, and Affordable Housing.

The Dilemma

Charlotte’s ranking for the ability of a young person born in poverty to actually escape from poverty.

Our Domains of Impact

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    Economic Development

    Good paying jobs for a talented and qualified workforce

    On the path towards securing livable income, good paying jobs for a qualified workforce will be a necessity. Our Economic Development initiatives focus on the following areas: entrepreneurship, job training / mentoring, and apprenticeship.

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    Health and Wellness

    Preventative measures for a healthy lifestyle

    Maintenance of chronic illness and healthy lifestyles help to decrease missed work days and increase job stability. We realize that access to healthy, affordable food is key to a families overall health. Food Insecurity is a critical issue here in Charlotte and we are taking both a short term and long term approach at tackling this vital need of our community.

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    Affordable Housing

    Build and budget for affordable living

    With the Charlotte housing market trending in the sellers' favor, the need for affordable housing is in high demand. Our affordable housing initiatives focus on three areas: community awareness, building affordable housing units, and financial education.